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Precision Machining

CTE Machine Tool - AM

CTE Machinist Operations - PM

National Institute for Metalworking Skills – NIMS Certified Program


Andrew (Andy) Morris

873-0102, ext. 274

General Overview

The curriculum is based on standards established by the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS). Students will complete tasks using bench and surface grinders, metal cutting saws, vertical milling machines, and engine lathes. Students will also acquire skills in blue print reading, quality control, standard operating procedures, employee relations, and safety. Students will also explore aspects of the American Welding Society.


Precision Machining Technology, NIMS

Readability Score: college level with industry specific terminology

Student Expectations

Machine Tool

Goal: To prepare students to meet NIMS standards by teaching basic skills and principles in machining

  • Participate in classroom training

  • Exhibit professional behavior, on-time performance, and task-oriented skills

  • Ability to learn craft specific terminology and apply terms in the shop

  • Adhere to safety and standard operating procedures

  • Apply shop mathematic principles

Machinist Operations

Goal: Progress with NIMS certification procedures and develop independent work skills

  • Participate in classroom activities involving welding equipment

  • Exhibit professional behavior, leadership, and collaborative learning

Integrated Credit Available


Certification Available


Job Planning, Benchwork, Layout

Measurement Materials Safety

Dual Enrollment Credit Available

Central Maine Community College: two credits PMT 111- Intro to Lathes, two credits PMT 116 – Intro to Milling