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Mass Media Communications

CTE Videography & Multimedia Journalism - AM

CTE Broadcasting & Multimedia Production - PM


Dave Boardman, Ed.D.

873-0102, ext. 271

Videography & Multimedia Journalism

Learn the techniques professionals use to create video projects that entertain and inspire. Students develop shooting and editing skills to write, shoot, and edit productions including public service announcements, informational interviews, mini-documentaries, and others. Students use a mix of video and audio production techniques to apply journalism fundamentals in projects that can be communicated across a variety of new media platforms.

Broadcasting & Multimedia Production

Work with professional video cameras and digital audio equipment to produce multimedia productions that are streamed online or recorded and mixed for later distribution.  Students learn a variety of techniques for shooting and editing video as well as recording and mixing audio to produce independent and team-driven multimedia projects.  Students will produce an online video program and take part in other media production opportunities.


Adobe Creative Suite 6 ACA Certification Prep Basics – by Debbie Keller

Readability Score: College level with industry specific terminology

Student Expectations

  • Understanding of basic mathematic computation (measurement, fractions, multiplication, addition, division and subtraction of fractions and percentages.

  • Ability to maintain focus on a applied tasks for 1.5 hours.

  • Safety and responsibly use equipment and technology

  • Exhibit appropriate work place behaviors.

  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and in group activities.

  • Understand and demonstrate safety concepts.

  • Pass National Standardized tests for certifications.

Student Certification Available

Visual Communication Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Maine Association of Broadcasters

Dual Enrollment Credit Available

NESCOM : Communications Elective Credits

Integrated Credit Available

Southern Maine Community College

CNMS 160: Video and Audio Production - 3 credits

CNMS 240: Nonlinear Editing - 3 credits