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Criminal Justice

AM – Law Enforcement and Police Patrol

Students will learn the basics about the structure and operation of law enforcement, prosecution, the courts, and corrections. Subject areas include terminology, theories of criminal justice and reform, patrol practices, investigation, specialized operations, and crime prevention.

PM – Crime Investigation and Criminology

Students will learn and practice skills related to the investigation, study, and prevention of crime. Subject areas include crime scene investigation, forensics, report writing, interrogation techniques, victimology, and psychology.


Steven Maccallum

873-0102, ext. 278

General Overview

The Criminal Justice program will prepare students for future education and careers in a various areas of Law Enforcement including, Police Officer, Game Warden, Security, Corrections, and more. The Criminal Justice program will follow the Maine Criminal Justice Academy curriculum and offer students a blend of coursework and applied activities to develop their knowledge and skills. In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in off-site work experiences through local law enforcement agencies and to earn college credits through dual enrollment agreements.



Readability Score:  College level with industry specific terminology 

Student Expectations

  • Understanding of basic mathematic computation (measurement, fractions, multiplication, addition, division and subtraction of fractions and percentages

  • Ability to maintain focus on an applied task for 1.5 hours

  • Safety and responsibly use equipment and technology

  • Exhibit appropriate work place behaviors

  • Demonstrate the ability to work independently and in group activities

  • Understand and demonstrate safety concepts

  • Pass standardized tests for certifications

Goal: To prepare students for higher education.

Student Certifications Available

American Heart Association First Aid & CPR

LifeFlight Landing Zone Coordinator

Maine Department of Labor Traffic Safety

National Incident Management IS100, IS700

Dual Enrollment Credit Available

Central Maine Community College: three credits CRJ 101, Introduction to Criminal Justice