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Automotive Technology

CTE Automotive Service - AM

CTE Automotive Systems - PM

National Automotive Technician’s Education Foundation – NATEF Certified Program


Craig Smiley

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)Master Certified

Maine State Inspection License

873-0102, ext. 272

General Overview

Students will learn skills through a combination of classroom and shop activities. Live work, including all makes and models of cars and trucks, is used in our hands-on activities. Students will be challenged through inventive assignments and projects and gain experience being a member of a team environment.


Total Automotive Technology

Readability Score: 10th grade reading level

Student Expectations

Goal: To prepare students for entry-level automotive employment or use as a stepping-stone for a college education.

  • Ability to work as a team member

  • Understand and demonstrate workplace safety

  • Participate in classroom and shop activities

  • Ability to follow verbal and written directions to perform work tasks

  • Demonstrate industry standards: employee relations, customer service, time on task, and quality control

Student Certification Available

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Student:

  • Suspension

  • Steering

  • Brakes

  • Electrical

  • Engine Performance

Maine State Inspection License

Dual Enrollment Credit Available

Central Maine Community College: one credit AUT-100, Intro to Automotive Technology, two credits AUT-110, Brakes, two credits AUT-120, Suspension & Alignment, three credits AUT-150, Electrical

Integrated Credit Available

PM: Math